clear vision

We perceive and watch the world around us with our eyes and our attention—our gaze projects outward. In order to see ourselves we need a reflection. Whether that is a mirror, a photograph or the responses of people around us to the way that we live, we see ourselves as a reflection.

At times we are susceptible to the flaws of the modes of that reflection. A loved one responds to us in anger and we assume ourselves deserving or we measure our mirrored reflection to the ideal reflection on magazine covers. We act as though what we see of ourselves is pure and sometimes neglect to account for the flaws in the channel or medium that reflects. Our perspective is skewed–we cannot glance across the room and catch ourselves off guard at the beauty, poise or strength of our own presence.

The beautiful part of this is the expression that comes from our need to see ourselves. We create representations of what and who are with our words, photographs, beliefs, paintings, songs, and relationships. In this we pour ourselves out to the page, the person, the cause, in hopes of some candid glimpse of what has made itself out of our self

Something I love about yoga is that it offers truth in the vulnerable moments of damaged reflections and it offers space in expressive moments of creation.

The yoga industry is not free from misrepresented body images, idolized relationship or self-consciousness, but a yoga practice can be a moment of clear vision when the smudges and distortions are identified. In this space we can ask, how do I see myself? Whose perspective do I value? Which reflections reveal the truth and how can I gaze without fear into those reflections?

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